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 Canto II of The Divine Comedy, Dante narrates the moment, to get out of Hell, still on the beach of Purgatory in Virgil's company, saw a bright light coming out of the water: it was an angel that led to port the newly arrived souls from the earth. The poet Jorge de Lima alludes to this same character in Book I of The Invention of Orpheus, called "Island Foundation". In both books, the angel-sailor does not use or sails or oars: the ferry gets plumb with its wings and is moved by the strength of its light. Delson Uchôa is a reader of the two stories. Alagoas countryman of Jorge de Lima, the painter gave the name of Dante to one of his sons. When looking at the set of his recent work, maybe we can see the brightness of this creature at the same time and winged submarine, an enchanting presence that allows us to navigate the river that runs different worlds.A proper water flow appears directly or indirectly in all major paintings exhibited in this show. Another point in common is the traffic notion of an image or message that is conducted in a space-time to another, seeking new settings and experiences. There are also overlap: ink and color layers that settle on each other and bother creating horizons plans and to unravel. In the two earlier works, Ocean and Equinox, both from 2012, it can see two different approaches and equally potent of these issues.

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